Terms of Use

  1. The copyright holder of the Website rvc.ru ("Website") shall be Joint Stock Company "Russian Venture Company" ("Website Owner"). The Website owner shall possess all intellectual property rights to the Website and exercise the specified rights at his\her own discretion, freely modify and complement the array of information materials which comprise the Website as well as design of the Website, permit or limit access to the Website and exercise other rights with regard to the Website.

  2. The Website owner shall support the Website in order to post therein information about his\her activities, including information subject to public disclosure pursuant to the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

  3. The Website Users (any persons viewing the Website and accepting these Terms of Use, hereinafter referred to as the Users, the User) shall have the right to freely read the content ("Content") posted on the Website in the public domain. Access to the Content is generally provided openly and free of charge, except for the cases expressly specified on the Website or provided by the current laws of the Russian Federation. At the same time, the Website Owner shall have the right to establish closed or restricted access to certain parts of the Content, including when conducting closed competitive procedures, placing confidential information and in other cases provided for or permitted by applicable law.

  4. To access certain sections of the Website, the User may have to undergo special registration on the Website. During the registration, the Website Owner shall have the right to refuse the User to take the username (or e-mail address) that has already been selected by another person. The user is responsible for keeping in secret the password to access the Website and shall not transfer the password and the username or otherwise transfer the use or access to the Website to other persons. The user is fully responsible for interaction with the Website under his\her password and the User's name. The User undertakes to immediately notify the Website Owner in the event of unauthorized use of his\her account or username as well as of other security violations with respect to his\her account or Website and, in addition, log off from his/her Website account, if required, at the end of each visit to the Website. The Website owner shall not be liable for any losses incurred as a result of the User's failure to comply with any of the above requirements.

  5. By accepting these Terms of Use by filling in the forms on the Website, the User confirms consent to the processing of his/her personal data by the Website Owner provided when completing the forms, namely collection, systematization, accumulation, storing, clarification (updating, modification), use, depersonalization, locking, destroying of personal data, distribution to an unlimited number of persons, including transmission over unprotected communication channels (Internet). The personal data is processed to implement these Terms of Use, to collect statistics and conduct research, to carry out advertising and (or) marketing campaigns, surveys, examinations, questionnaires, marketing studies, to contact directly with the User through means of communication, including electronic means of communication and regular mail . The User's personal data are processed pursuant to the laws of the Russian Federation. The consent of the User to the processing of his\her personal data hereunder is issued for an indefinite period of time.

  6. A User who believes that his\her personal data were misused on the Website shall have the right to file a claim or to contact the Website Owner by email info@rvc.ru. The Website Owner undertakes to respond to this request (application) within 7 (seven) working days from its receipt. In the User does not receive a response to the request, the User may send a complaint to the Website Owner by e-mail abuse@rvc.ru with details or a screenshot / photo of the application to which the User has not received a response.

  7. The exclusive right to the Content, logos, software, graphic, audiovisual and design of the Website belongs to the Website Owner. In specific cases, the exclusive and other intellectual rights to the materials posted on the Website may belong to other right-holders who have granted permission to post relevant parts of the Content on the Website.

  8. The Website Users shall not have the right to use the Content in any way, in whole or in part, incl. reproduce, distribute, broadcast / transmit by cable, translate, reprocess, implement or publicly disseminate the Content without the prior written permission of the Website Owner and / or other right-holders of the said Content, except for the permitted cases of free use of the Content expressly provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Use of the Content without the consent of the Website Owner and other right-holders and outside the scope of the free use of information materials permitted by law may lead to civil, administrative or criminal liability and violates against the Russian and international laws.

  9. In case of the lawful citing of the Content, reproduction of parts of the Content on current economic, political, social issues, a reference in the media to the Website Owner and the Website as a source of materials used is mandatory.

  10. It is not allowed to use the Website to post or transmit any materials that violate the current legislation and international liabilities of the Russian Federation which, in particular, violate intellectual property rights, contain threats, insults, inaccurate information, slanderous, vulgar, obscene, scandalous, inflammatory, pornographic, blasphemous content or any content that may constitute or encourage acts that are unlawful and violate the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the rights and legitimate interests of third parties. The Website owner shall provide full assistance to law enforcement agencies or perform any judicial or administrative acts that prescribe the provision to the authorized government agencies of the personal information of the User who posted or transmitted any such information or material, remove such information or exclude public access to it.

  11. It is not allowed to use the Website to host or transmit viruses, malware and other computer codes, files or programs that may cause harm, are intrusive, or meant to damage or capture work results, or control the use of any hardware, software or equipment.

  12. It is prohibited to use the Website for the purpose of violating the rights of other persons as well as processing personal data of other Users of the Website.

  13. It is prohibited to restrict or prevent the use of the Website by other persons, disrupt the operation of the Website or servers and networks that maintain the operation of the Website, and also violate the requirements, procedures, rules and standards of these networks.

  14. It is prohibited to alter (modify), adapt, decompile, disassemble and re-engineer any part of the Website.

  15. The content of the Website is provided "as is", without any guarantees, including guarantee of applicability for certain purposes, merchantability, etc. The content may contain technical inaccuracies and errors. The Website owner may make changes to the Content at any time without warning to third parties. The Website owner shall make every effort to ensure that the content is as accurate, complete, reliable and up-to-date as possible. However, the Website owner cannot guarantee that the content is complete, reliable and relevant and is not responsible for the consequences in the event of use of the Content by third parties.

  16. The Website owner shall not make any representations, guarantees and destimates that the results posted in the Content and described in the statements regarding future results will be achieved. These statements regarding future results reflect in each case one of the many possible scenarios and should not be considered as the most likely or standard scenario.

  17. Information about the Website Owner, his\her financial statements and financial indicators are placed on the Website in order to make the Website Owner's activity more open and to inform the state bodies and the public about such activities. For this purpose the Website owner makes every effort to ensure the maximum reliability and timeliness of the information being posted, however is not responsible for any inaccuracies in the posted Content and the delay in updating it. The Website owner shall reserve the right, at his\her discretion, to determine the Content, post, update and delete such information.

  18. The Website owner is not liable for losses incurred by the Website users or third parties as a result of using the Content, including lost profits.

  19. The Website owner is not liable for losses incurred by the Website Users for reasons related to technical hardware and software malfunctions as well as for losses incurred as a result of the actions undertaken by the Website Users, which are clearly not in accordance with the general rules of working with information on the Internet.

  20. If the Website Users has any suggestions to the Website owner, they may send them to: info@rvc.ru