Home exo-rehabilitation begins in Russia


ExoAtlet, an RVC Biofund portfolio company, has launched pilot projects for home exo-rehabilitation. The company's products — the ExoAtlet I and ExoAtlet Bambini exoskeletons — have attracted their first private customers, who have begun exercises right at home.

One of the first to own the exoskeleton was a 16-year-old St. Petersburg resident diagnosed with cerebral palsy.

Ekaterina Bereziy, co-founder of ExoAtlet:
“Valentin underwent exo-rehabilitation at one of the clinics with the ExoAtlet. He really liked the results he achieved. He was fired up with the idea of continuing training and, with the support of sponsors, he recently acquired an exoskeleton. Now he has the opportunity to train daily at home. Valentine was the first, but now he is not the only one. Since the beginning of this year, we have been proactively developing home exo-rehabilitation and we already have folks involved in this project who bought exoskeletons for home rehabilitation.”

Home exo-rehabilitation is the third stage of rehabilitation. It is very important for increasing the ability to endure physical activity and improving quality of life. The continuity of the rehabilitation process ultimately leads to significant improvements in patients' condition.

Ekaterina Bereziy, co-founder of ExoAtlet:
“Our mission is to create real recovery opportunities for those who dream of this. To do this, we design and manufacture exoskeletons, create rehabilitation methods, modify widely accepted but outdated approaches, and create new standards and formats. The opportunity for individuals to purchase exoskeletons for home use, which appeared in 2021, is the first step in expanding outpatient exo-rehabilitation. For now, it’s obviously not the solution for everyone. But trendsetters have always been either wealthy people unwilling to wait, or pioneers desperately burning with an idea and kindling the hearts of sponsors. But, thanks to them, innovations are eventually transformed into standards and reach a wide range of users.”

In 2021, ExoAtlet II and ExoAtlet Bambini, the world's first mass-produced exoskeleton for children and adolescents, successfully achieved medical certification in the Russian market. Additionally, according to recently approved standards for the provision of equipment at specialized medical institutions, exoskeletons are now included in the mandatory list of equipment for clinics' rehabilitation departments.

Taken together, these events make it possible to use exoskeletons during the in-clinic stage of rehabilitation and also create conditions favorable for the development of a comprehensive exo-rehabilitation system in Russia.


RVC Biofund Ltd. was established in early 2011 with the participation of the Russian Venture Company (RVC) and the nonprofit organization Venture Innovation Fund. The Biofund's investment strategy is to invest in shares in the authorized capital of Russian infrastructure services companies or innovative companies in the Russian economy's biopharmaceutical sector.

RVC InfraFund is a subsidiary fund of JSC RVC and the managing company for JSC RVC's subsidiary funds: RVC Seed Fund Ltd., RVC Biofund Ltd., Civil Technologies of the Military-Industrial Complex Ltd. During their existence, the funds have invested in more than 100 innovative projects. In 2016, RVC InfraFund became a managing partner and investor of the Russian-Belarusian Venture Investment Fund, and in 2018 — the main contributor to the NTI Venture Fund. In 2019, RVC subsidiary funds managed by the RVC InfraFund exited from 28 venture capital projects. Total proceeds from these exits and the companies remaining in the portfolio exceeded 430 million rubles. The value of promising assets in fund portfolios has risen by more than 90% over the year.

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