With the support of GenerationS, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation announces the results of Audithon Hackathon 2021

With the support of GenerationS, the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation announces the results of Audithon Hackathon 2021

The Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation, the first federal state body to conduct regular hackathons to address digital transformation challenges, announced the results of Audithon Hackathon 2021, which was held with the support of the corporate accelerator GenerationS. From March 25 to March 28, teams solved analytics and data visualization problems from the real-world experience of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and its event partners: Rosstat, Rosvodresursy, the Ministry of Economic Development, and others.

Over the course of a month, more than 600 applications to participate in the hackathon were received from more than 30 cities throughout Russia. A committee of experts selected the 64 most promising teams to advance in Audithon 2021. When the application submission deadline expired, the challenges from the Accounts Chamber and its partners totaled more than 20. The challenges of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Economic Development garnered the greatest response in terms of the number of submissions from the hackathon participants.

Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Grozny and Bratsk were the top cities in terms of the number of submissions. The solutions were evaluated by roughly 50 experts, including representatives of the Accounts Chamber and its official hackathon partners.

The following teams were this year's hackathon winners in these categories:

1) Data visualization

  • Zilant (1st place), Stimul (2nd place) and Mozhayka Team (3rd place) — these teams each proposed solutions to data visualization challenges regarding the innovative development of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, creation of a budget profile for the Social Insurance Fund/Pension Fund of Russia, and visualization of public debt analytics.

2) Data analytics

  • MSU BigData, Take Five, Cactus — these teams proposed solutions to challenges involving analysis and assessment of peculiarities of law enforcement and legal statistics in relation to SME development indicators in the regions of the Russian Federation; monitoring systemic problems faced by citizens when receiving state services; and analyzing the risks of user review manipulation in the State Services system.

3) Software solution

  • Old School, StarTrek, Point of View — these teams proposed solutions for tasks to create an interactive map that reflects market and statistical price data for residential premises in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation and their comparison with the size of social payments to internal affairs employees for purchasing housing; and to create a dashboard that correlates water quality and social support for low-income citizens in the constituent entities of the Russian Federation.

4) Non-standard solution (special category)

  • Digit, Fintekhniki, and Girls from St. Petersburg — these teams proposed solutions to challenges related to predictive analysis of the attractiveness of the Russian Federation's tourist regions through 2030; evaluation of the efficiency of the allocation of road repair work among contracts; and visualization of data on the Russian Federation's innovative development in a global comparison.

The winners received cash prizes, as well as the opportunity to continue working on the problem together with the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and its official partners in the hackathon.

Audithon 2021 was the Accounts Chamber's second data analytics hackathon. Sber was the event's general partner this year.

Ekaterina Petrova, Director of the GenerationS corporate accelerator:
“The number of applications clearly demonstrates that leaders of regional projects are interested in participating in the initiatives presented at the hackathon. The teams proposed interesting solutions with high potential for further joint work with the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation and its partners. The hackathon is a convenient format and lends itself not only to the rapid creation of a solution, but also to analysis of its potential effectiveness. The winning teams now approach an important stage that may open the doors for long-term and fruitful cooperation with the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation.”
Mikhail Petrov, Director of the Digital Transformation Department of the Accounts Chamber of the Russian Federation:
“The Accounts Chamber is the first federal agency that regularly holds hackathons and other open competitions in data analytics. We believe these forms of working with IT professionals are extremely important for us: they allow us to develop completely new approaches to solving the day-to-day challenges of government audit. This year the hackathon was particularly fruitful: many interesting solutions were proposed. The reason behind it may be that the number of participants, as well as the regions of Russia represented at the hackathon, was also very large. The event's unusual format facilitated this: quarantine restrictions caused the Accounts Chamber's hackathon to be held online for the first time. Still, I hope that we will be able to hold the next such competition in a format that is more traditional for hackathons — in a large hall with tables and ottomans. This will allow more lively and direct communication between participants and mentors and among the participants themselves.”


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