GenerationS is a finalist for the Global Business Outlook Awards 2021


GenerationS, a platform for corporate innovations development from RVC, was recognized by Global Business Outlook Awards 2021 for an “Outstanding Contribution to Innovation Ecosystem Development — Russia 2021”. This is GenerationS's first award this year and its fourth in the corporate accelerator's overall portfolio of international awards.

The annual Global Business Outlook Awards celebrate the excellence of companies around the world. Representatives of both the private and public sectors participate in the Global Business Outlook Awards. Significantly, the Global Business Outlook Awards are aimed at companies of all sizes in both broad and niche sectors, making it possible to create competitive advantages for both large firms and more modest market participants that introduce international models and principles into their business strategies in order to create exceptional value.

This year there were a total of 10 categories, including Banking, Leadership, Insurance, Technology, Telecommunications, etc. 2021 saw the addition of a new category: Industry, which recognizes countries' contribution to the development of various industries, as well as the innovation ecosystem's participants, which facilitate development of innovations in various areas.

All candidates were carefully selected by a jury of experts. The award ceremony's organizers note how its members effectively, quickly, and most importantly, fairly assess projects.

Ekaterina Petrova, Director of GenerationS:
“For GenerationS, every victory at the international level is always valuable, because it means that the market can see and needs our work, efforts, and role in the international innovation ecosystem. During its existence, GenerationS has built a global network that includes almost every country. We proactively attract foreign startups to participate in accelerators and try to introduce them to Russia's innovation market as productively and quickly as possible. The same model works in reverse for Russian startups, which we try to help find points of entry into the international market.”

The Global Business Outlook Awards were GenerationS's fourth victory in international competitions and awards.

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