What Does the Average Technology Business Look Like in Russia: Results of the “TechUspech-2020” Rating


RVC identified the leaders of the annual national ranking of high-tech fast-growing companies “TechUspech-2020”. The rating included 107 companies from 24 regions of Russia with total revenues of more than 220 billion rubles.

The TechUspech rating has been formed annually since 2012 and is aimed at finding, monitoring and promoting promising fast-growing technology companies that have high leadership potential both in the Russian and global market.

The rating includes private high-tech companies at least 4 years old, showing an average annual revenue growth rate of 10% and above for the last 5 years, and with revenue for the last year from 100 million to 30 billion rubles. The main rating is formed in three categories: large companies with revenues from 2 billion rubles to 30 billion rubles; medium — with revenues from 800 million to 2 billion rubles; small-with revenues up to 800 million rubles. Among the leaders are enterprises that have achieved the highest indicators on such criteria as average revenue growth rate, innovation of products or services and export potential. In 2020, about 35% of companies entered the rating for the first time.

According to the results of the rating, the main area of activity of medium-sized high-tech business in Russia remains information technology — 30% of companies specialize in this area. They are followed by electronics and instrumentation (28%), industrial equipment (18%) and engineering (18%). Almost half of the rating participants are represented by companies from the regions. The largest regional innovation centers included St. Petersburg, Perm Krai, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Sverdlovsk regions and the Republic of Tatarstan.

The share of small companies in the rating is 62%, medium-sized — 14%, large — 24%. At the same time, small companies demonstrate a significant acceleration of the growth rate: if at the end of 2019, their revenue on average increased by a third annually, this year — by 70%. Large and medium-sized companies also increased revenue growth by an average of 17%. The volume of expenses for technological innovations, including R&D, among the rating participants is 27% of the total business revenue on average.

75% of the companies in the TechUspech rating successfully sell their products and services in foreign markets. In the segment of medium and large companies, exports account for a fifth of revenue, in the category of small companies this figure is 11% on average. The export is carried out in neighboring countries — Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and the United States, Japan, China, Korea, India, the UK and Germany. Compared to the previous year, the number of companies exporting their products to the established markets of technologically developed countries increased by 46%.

TOP 5 large companies

  1. T8 (telecommunication equipment for optical communication networks, Moscow)
  2. ULNANOTECH (nanotechnology center, Ulyanovsk region)
  3. STC group of companies (speech synthesis and recognition, voice and facial biometrics, St. Petersburg)
  4. Prima RPE (radio communication equipment, Nizhny Novgorod region)
  5. Radio and Microelectronics (radioelectronic devices and systems, Novosibirsk region)

TOP 5 medium-sized companies

  1. Foresight (solutions in the field of business intelligence, Moscow)
  2. Angara group of companies (solutions in the field of information security, Moscow)
  3. Marine research center of Lomonosov Moscow state University (marine research for the oil and gas complex, Moscow)
  4. Fort Telecom (solutions in the field of M2M technologies, Perm Krai)
  5. Teplovodokhran RPE (devices and software for automated accounting of energy resources, Ryazan region)

TOP 5 small companies

  1. Acronis Infoprotect (solutions for cyber defense, Moscow)
  2. UserGate (secure Internet access technologies, Novosibirsk region)
  3. Botlikh Radio Plant (radioelectronic products, Republic of Dagestan)
  4. Optic Fiber Systems (production of optical fiber, Republic of Mordovia)
  5. SearchInform (means of information security, Moscow)

The largest growth rate of revenue in the category of small companies was demonstrated by the Moscow company Acronis Infoprotect, which develops services for data protection and recovery of virtual, physical and cloud environments. Its revenue has more than quintupled in the last four years. Among medium-sized companies, the Moscow-based developer of business intelligence solutions, Foresight, became the fastest-growing with a revenue growth rate of over 140%. In the segment of large companies, the biopharmaceutical company Nanolek is still the leader, whose revenue increased by more than 120%.

Among the most innovative enterprises among small companies was a developer from the Novosibirsk region UserGate, which develops secure Internet access technologies. Teplovodokhran RPE from the Ryazan region has become a leader in the category of medium-sized companies — the company is engaged in the production of devices and Software for automated accounting of energy resources. In the segment of large companies, the first place was taken by Prima RPE, a developer and manufacturer of radio communication equipment from the Nizhny Novgorod region. The innovation index in the rating is formed on the basis of companies' data on R&D costs and technological innovations, the share of revenue from innovative products, as well as expert assessments.

The leaders in the nomination of companies with the largest export potential were the Kazan manufacturer of high pressure composite pipes for oil and gas industry FPP SIE (category of small companies, export share in turnover — more than 80%), Orlov company for design and production of power semiconductor devices Proton-Electrotex (medium-sized company, export share in turnover — more than 60%) and Perm Chemical Company, which produces high-purity electronic gases and fine chemistry products (large company category, export share exceeds 90%).

“The TechUspech rating makes it possible to annually draw up a "portrait" of medium-sized technology businesses in Russia and offer such companies the most effective support tools. The results of the 2020 rating showed that Russian innovative enterprises maintain stable growth rates and actively sell their products in the markets of foreign countries. It is especially important that almost half of the leaders of the rating are represented by companies from the regions. We expect that all TechUspech companies will see a tangible effect from participation in the rating and will receive new opportunities for development through direct access to state support measures, expansion of partners and customers pool”, — said Mikhail Antonov, Deputy General Director — Director for RVC innovation infrastructure development.

Since 2016, the TechUspech rating has been an official tool for the search and selection of technology companies to participate in the project “Support for private high-tech companies-leaders” (“National Champions”). The project was initiated by the Ministry of economic development of Russia and is carried out by the Association of fast-growing technology companies with the support of the non-state development Institute "Innopraktika". This year, 36 companies with revenues of more than 500 million roubles were selected among the rating applicants to participate in the new selection for the National Champions project. The participants will be provided with information and consulting assistance on current state support measures, promotion of their interests within the framework of interaction with state authorities and development institutions, assistance in overcoming administrative barriers, promotion of their products in foreign markets and use of other support mechanisms. The results of the selection will be announced in February 2021.

The partners of the TechUspech-2020 rating also included REC, X5 Retail Group and Cherkizovo Group.

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