For Managing Companies

The investment activity of RVC JSC is aimed at increasing the supply of venture capital through the creation of new funds jointly with its partners: private, institutional and foreign investors, as well as large corporations. At the suggestion of market participants, RVC JSC invests in venture funds and initiates the creation of new funds with the involvement of professional investors and managers.

RVC JSC accepts two types of applications:

— Incoming applications for investment proposals of RVC JSC;
— Applications for participation in open tenders for the selection of management companies for the management of individual funds.

Investment Proposals of RVC JSC

The product portfolio of RVC JSC consists of six categories:

More details on the parameters of the funds with RVC's participation

To submit an application for participation in the selection for a particular category of the fund, it is necessary to send an application drawn up in an arbitrary form to / or by regular mail / or by courier.

The application must include:

1. Presentation for potential investors:

  • Description of the main objectives for the implementation of which the investments are attracted,
  • Proposal for the creation of a fund
    • — Strategic focus (industry, stage, location);
    • — Sectoral, market and stage specialization of the fund;
    • — Organizational form, structure and jurisdiction of the fund;
    • — Size, period of existence, marketing stage;
    • — The composition of investors and their shares;
    • — Existing obligations of investors, status of negotiations;
    • — Market environment and competition.
  • Management Company
  • Proposal for the creation of a fund
    • — Title;
    • — Date of registration;
    • — Jurisdiction Registration and location of the offices;
    • — Founders, beneficiaries and their shares;
    • — Brief background;
    • — Motivation: remuneration — key parameters;
  • Team
    • — Current and prospective composition;
    • — Brief summaries of team members;
    • — Teamwork experience;
    • — Investment committee composition;
    • — Supervisory board, expert council, advisory council (if it is supposed to be).
  • Experience of the team
    • — Transactions and their financial result;
    • — Funds and their financial result;
    • — Knowledge of the sector's focus;
    • — Others.
  • Portfolio of prospective transactions
  • Annexes
    • — Financial model of the fund
    • — Additional material information

2. Draft of the main terms of the transaction, including the following parameters:

  • Organizational and legal form and jurisdiction of a venture fund and management company, including the current (planned) place of registration of a venture fund, as well as the place of registration of the management company;
  • Investment focus of a venture fund's activities;
  • Size and procedure of executing investment obligations of a venture fund's participants;
  • Period of activity of a venture fund;
  • Rights and obligations of a venture fund's participants;
  • Information on the management bodies of the venture fund, their rights and obligations, including the proposal for the participation of RVC JSC (its representatives) in the Investment Committee (and also other collegiate bodies) of the venture fund;
  • The procedure for the withdrawal of participants and the management company of a venture fund;
  • Information about key persons (venture specialists) of the management company;
  • Reporting of the management company of a venture fund and consent to the information exchange with RVC JSC on the issues related to the activities of a venture fund and its portfolio companies;
  • Information on the amount and procedure for paying remuneration of the management company of a venture fund;
  • The list of expenses that can be covered at the expense of the property of a venture fund;
  • The order of distribution of property and income of the venture fund among the participants;
  • Other information.

3. Information about the applicant, the place of his/her registration, the legislation applicable in resolving conflict situations between the participants of the respective venture fund, management bodies, founders / participants (if applicable);

4. Summary of venture capitalists managing the fund or planning to manage the fund with a description of their education and work experience;

5. Other documents disclosing information about the applicant and the parameters of the proposed transaction (if any);

6. Refusal to present claims to RVC JSC as per the procedure and results of the Selection.

Contests on the selection of management companies for the management of individual funds

Open tenders are held in order to select management companies for funds with a certain investment strategy aimed at individual industries, stages or segments of the market.

Requirements for managing companies-participants of a tender and the composition of the required materials are determined for each tender separately.