Portfolio Funds

Innovative projects approved to be invested in during RVC`s activity

Development and commercialization of unmanned systems

Optimization of installation and maintenance of solar cell batteries.

Development of directions for creating electronic instruments, for the effective implementation of k

Software for industrial enterprises

Business Community of middle and top management, using its own IT platform for communication and org

Generation of electricity, using renewable energy sources: solar energy.

SaaS platform for analyzing and optimizing marketing costs

Production and sales of automatic industrial drives on the basis of friction variation devices.

Разработка собственного SaaS-продукта Rocketdata.io

Digital Media. Under the control of partners DCM - seven funds invested in more than 200 high-tech c

SaaS service built on the principle of cross functional placement of services for the clients.

Creation of new non-allergenic “green” natural “Ekoblesk” series detergents

Creation of an engineering company to design and deliver complex gas separation plants on the basis

Creation of a network of installations and provision of services for cleaning railway tanks of gases

Development and commercialization of "ExoAthlet" exoskeleton

Completion of the development and commercialization of a range of innovative software and hardware t

Drilling support and optimization software development

Development and commercialization of molecular and electronic seismic sensors

Representative of DI-Group Managing Company

Extension of business by case and the development of a number of products for the complex management

Program product for quantitative appraisal of range of inflammation and tumours at MRT images with d

Development and conducting of pre-clinical and clinical investigations of innovative medicinal drugs

Personal identification system based on voice biometrics in security and anti-theft systems.

A cloud video surveillance and video analytics solution

Joining to the fund which specializes in investing in the development of application software for a

Joining to the fund which specializes in investing in the development of application software for a

Representative of the RVC Seed Fund LLC

Warehouse management system for professional car dealers

Representative of National Research Tomsk State University

A series production of looped heat-removal pipes, the implementation of new technology for heat remo

Creation and development of a new type of a video codec aimed at compression and decompression of hi

Establishment of the company with the main activity of planned commercialization of innovation: the

Technological Equipment for Assembling Quartz Optical Fibres.

Development, registration and licensing of the production of epicardial electrodes.

The company's technology secures the presence of the possibility to use networks of mobile communica

Cloud medical information system.

Development and sale of mini-cinemas Cinemood

A company rendering a broad spectrum of services in selecting, processing, characterizing, storing,

Development of anti-cancer drugs on the basis of the brand new scientific concept of tissue specific

Development of building insulation on the basis of honeycomb panels made of polyurethane foam.

Radial drilling technology

Production of electronic gases to a high purity degree, creation of substances for pharmaceuticals.

Development and production of equipment based on magnetic processes

Pogarskaya Potato Plant CJSC is a modern world level food production. Since its start-up in 2009, th

The development of a highly effective technology of medicinal drug production on the basis of curati

Expansion of the activities of the Engineering Centre are the basis of LLC «RAM», on new technolog

Safe Internet: a joint-partner with telecommunications operators, rendering of SaaS services to subs

Manufacture of microchips for determining blood immunoglobulins.

Creation of a laboratory sample and design documentation of “Sintezin” installation for the prod

ОТТВ software and hardware solution for monetization of video content.

Development of drugs to retard ageing and to treat diseases associated with ageing. A unique technol

Development of original, therapeutic monoclonal antibody against autoimmune diseases and В-cell chr

Video Transcoder with Cloud Speed-Up capacities.

Accession to the Trident fund, which received special recognition for its expertise in cloud computi

A full-cycle educational company combining online and mixed learning formats

Advice on the full-cycle technology commercialization process, from technological audit to attractin

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