RVC — Investment Activity

The RVC aggressively attracts private Russian and foreign investments into the main segments of the Russian economy, as well as bringing new participants into Russia’s innovation ecosystem. RVC also contributes to the development of new investment tools to be competitive in the national venture capital market.

This activity is implemented through the creation of funds on the basis of a public-private partnership. The RVC pays particular attention to knowledge-intensive sectors with low levels of private capital, which are essential for a the development of a balanced innovation system.

Developing the venture capital market and introducing global best practices in fund management, RVC provides market participants with methodological support and consultations on a wide range of issues. The company takes part in developing fund concepts (strategy, main parameters, mandates, management system etc.), works on creating mechanisms (criteria, procedures) for selection of the management teams of funds, provides methodological and expert guidance for fund activities, and organizes discussions with potential investors. The work with potential investors takes place is a dual strategy. First, the company assists in analyzing the written strategy and business plans of the funds, determining goals that can be achieved with their backing. Then, the company assists in preparing documents for review by management bodies that make decisions on their participation in fund formation.

The use of financial instruments should contribute to the emergence and commercialization of breakthrough developments, improvement of the competitiveness of Russian technology companies on the world market and the development of the country's export potential.

  • 305
    projects total number of innovation companies invested by RVC funds
    thousands of employees work in portfolio companies of funds with the participation of RVC capital
  • 25
    funds have been created with the participation of RVC capital
    billion roubles the total volume of funds with the participation of RVC capital
  • 30.3
    billion roubles RVC's total investment commitments to create funds
    billion rubles total approved investment in innovative companies

Membership in international investment associations

RVC-backed funds

The RVC capital fund portfolio includes funds for the early stages, and seed funds, special-purpose, capital funds and supporting funds for the infrastructure and service projects of the technological entrepreneurship market.

ЗПИФ ОР(В)И «ВТБ фонд венчурный» ЗПИФ ОР(В)И «Инновационные решения» ЗПИФ ОР(В)И «Новые технологии» ФОНД «БИОФАРМАЦЕВТИЧЕСКИЕ ИНВЕСТИЦИИ РВК» (БИОФОНД РВК ИНФРАСТРУКТУРНЫЕ ИНВЕСТИЦИИ РВК (ИНФРАФОНД РВК) ФОНД ПОСЕВНЫХ ИНВЕСТИЦИЙ РВК (ФПИ РВК) ВЕНЧУРНЫЙ ФОНД ИНВЕСТИЦИЙ В ГРАЖДАНСКИЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ ОПК(«ГРАЖДАНСКИЕ ТЕХНОЛОГИИ ОПК») RusBio Ventures IPA Da Vinci Pre-IPO Fund IPA Russian-Belorussian Venture Investment Fund IPA Venture Fund of Skolkovo — Industrial I IPA Venture Fund of Skolkovo — IT I IPA Venture Fund of Skolkovo — Agro-technological I IPA Far Eastern Fund of Development and Implementation of High Technology IPA Da Vinci Pre-IPO Tech Fund IPA Venture Fund of National Technology Initiative New Industry IPA (New Industry Ventures) Terra Fund II IPA PharmMed Innovation IPA Softline Seed Fund IPA High-Tech Seed Fund IPA Life Sciences Seed Fund IPA Seed fund of Tomsk State University IPA RVC IVFRT LP RUSSIAN VENTURE CAPITAL I LP


RVC, jointly with the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, has presented the Draft Strategy for the Venture and Direct Investments Market Development up to 2025 and Further to 2030. The strategy initiatives are aimed at creating a mature venture investment industry in Russia that assumes increase in the annual volume of transactions in the national venture capital market by 30 times by 2030 to RUB 410 billion per year.

RVC supported by the EY consulting company has developed a methodology to evaluate assets being parts of the investment portfolio. The new methodology takes into account the modern industry recommendations (IPEV, IE, NVCA, AICPA) and the international financial reporting standards (IFRS 9,13). Its implementation will enable to unitize approaches to evaluating the results of the RVC fund investment activities, enhance transparency, reliability and justification of indicators’ calculation.