Monitoring of the effectiveness of universities' innovation activities — 2016

Monitoring of the effectiveness of universities' innovation activities — 2016

Innovation activity is one of the three essential components of University 3.0. At the same time, no one is assessing the effectiveness of the activities in universities, which makes it impossible to determine the next steps in this direction. That is why Russian Venture Company, together with its partners, within the framework of the innovation ecosystem development program, has become a pioneer in the measurement of the effectiveness of universities' innovation activities.

Project objectives

Development of the methodology for determining the efficiency of innovative activity of Russian Universities and monitoring performance on its bases.

Project tasks

  • Analyse international experience in the field of evaluation of innovation activities of universities;
  • Develop a methodology and criteria for determining the effective work of universities in the creation, development and innovation, together with the representatives of Russian Venture Company;
  • Monitor at least 20 Russian universities in compliance with the developed methodology;
  • Identify key strengths and problem areas in Russian universities to develop proposals to improve the effectiveness of their innovation activities;
  • Carry out the final presentation of the project in the form of a seminar for representatives of Russian universities in order to inform them of the results of the project.

The project was implemented in cooperation with ITMO University, 40 leading universities of the country took part in it. Three groups of indicators form the basis of the evaluation system:

  • Innovation and entrepreneurial environment in the university and its effectiveness;
  • Technology transfer;
  • The University influence on the environment.