Educational Programs

Educational Programs

RVC participates in the creation and implementation of educational programs and courses on technology entrepreneurship, supports the NTI Club Movement, participates in the organization of the NTI Olympiad and the 20.35. University.

To improve the quality of training in technology entrepreneurship and create new educational programs for training specialists for the venture capital market, RVC is implementing a comprehensive project that includes the following areas:

  • implementation of the master's program “Venture Investments and Technological Entrepreneurship” at the base department of RVC at MIPT;
  • the creation of a network of master programs on the basis of leading Russian universities on the subject of technology entrepreneurship and venture financing;
  • “Replicating” the best practices of teaching technology entrepreneurship and venture financing mechanisms;
  • the dissemination of the course "Innovative Economics and Technological Entrepreneurship", developed in 2017 for undergraduates of a technical and natural science orientation and the creation of similar educational courses for other groups of students.

Program initiatives

NTI Olympiad

The NTI Olympiad is a unique format of engineering competitions for schoolchildren of 7-11 grades aimed at identifying and developing talented children who are able to solve complex interdisciplinary tasks. The Olympiad takes place in 17 educational profiles related to the development of “markets of the future” - unmanned vehicles, intellectual energy, small space, neuro- and biotechnologies and other advanced scientific fields.

20.35 University

The first university in Russia that provides professional development of a man in the digital economy. The 20.35 University will be focused on training leaders of companies, NTI participants and specialists working in new global markets.

The Inter-University Training Course: Innovative Economy and Technology Entrepreneurship

The course solves one of the most important tasks of modern engineering education - the development of natural science and technical specialties in entrepreneurial thinking among students, which is an important condition for graduates to meet the requirements of the modern labour market. The objective of the course is to form a complex of theoretical knowledge and practical skills for students in the field of economics, technological entrepreneurship, and management of innovative projects.

Basic Department of RVC in MIPT Management of Technology Projects

The department trains personnel for innovation divisions and R&D divisions of technology companies and universities, engineering divisions of techbroker companies, analytical divisions of venture funds under the master's program “Technology Project Management”. In 2018, RVC, together with the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and the MIPT-Sberbank laboratory, opened a new master's program in project management in the field of artificial intelligence technologies.