Development of NTI

Development of NTI

RVC is a crucial participant of national innovation development initiatives. The flagship project of this kind is the National Technology Initiative (NTI), which sets the vector for the development of the Russian innovation ecosystem.

Priority tasks:

  • development of a strategy / long-term plan for the development of NTI;
  • monitoring of the implementation and updating the "road map" system;
  • increase the effectiveness of the current portfolio of NTI projects, the formation of a prospective set of candidates; development of NTI financial tools;
  • development of NTI infrastructure - a launch of a system of infrastructure centres, ensuring the active participation of the Federal Penitentiary Service and consolidating their role in normative documents, prioritising the activities of development institutions;
  • the launch of a program to overcome technology related barriers - the organization of the work of NTI university and scientific centres, selected through competitions, the start of pilot technology competitions;
  • improvement of the regulatory framework of NTI markets, taking into account the development and adoption of normative road maps.


Development of a long-term plan for the implementation of NTI

The development of a strategy for the implementation of NTI provides for the formation of NTItarget model, with the elaboration of the functions of "road maps" and working teams in the State system of planning and managing innovation development.

As part of the strategy development, the following set of measures will be implemented:

  • Approval of NTIimplementation strategy synchronized with the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation program and the activities of the implementation plan for the Strategy for Scientific and Technology Development;
  • Conducting expert discussions and preparing a draft updated government resolution on the implementation of the National Technology Initiative;
  • Development of methodological recommendations and standards for the formation of regional NTI plans;
  • Preparation of a methodological base for the launch of regional technology transfer centres operating on the basis of partnerships of corporate, university and academic sectors.


Monitoring the implementation of market "road maps" of NTI

Monitoring is carried out through monitoring the implementation of NTI projects. In this case, the following is analysed:

  • completeness and timeliness of the application of NTI projects, their crucial control points;
  • the degree of achievement of the goals, the success of the objectives and the achievement of the expected results of NTI projects, their impact on the performance of the goals, significant benchmarks, and targets for the implementation of the road maps;
  • actual costs for the implementation of NTI projects, including in relation to the established planned value;
  • risks of projects and the completeness of risk management activities.


Standard road maps of NTI

In 2017, Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of September 29, 2017, No. 1184 approved the Regulation on the development and implementation of action plans ("road maps") to improve legislation and eliminate administrative barriers to ensure the implementation of NTI. In 2017, the seven working groups in NTIdirections such as Autonet, Aeronet, Marinet, Neuronet, Technet, Helsnet and Energynet, with the support of RVC, developed drafts of the corresponding "road maps" which in 2018 were adopted by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The projects of NTI "standard road maps" provide implementation of more than 250 events in the relevant areas. The main executor for the implementation of NTI"normative road maps" are the working groups and NTIinfrastructure centres.


NTI infrastructure сentres

NTIinfrastructure centres are created in the form of non-profit organizations, which unite representatives of the business community, which ensures the fulfilment of part of the tasks for the development of one of NTIdirections. The creation of NTI infrastructure centres is carried out in the interests of forming an expert and analytical infrastructure for the activities of NTIworking groups.

The main tasks of NTI infrastructure centres are:

  • preparation of changes to the existing NTI "road maps", including forecasting the development of the market or direction of NTI in the future until 2035, and the formation of a list of technology and regulatory barriers;
  • development of proposals on legal or technical regulation, including drafts of legislative and regulatory legal acts, technical standards and regulations;
  • organization of expert-analytical activities in the interests of implementing road maps on improving legislation and removing administrative barriers to ensure the implementation of NTI ("NTI Road maps");
  • development of NTI communities, including thematic events;
  • monitoring of draft normative legal acts to ensure the completeness of the implementation of NTI"normative road maps";
  • selection of organizations that perform functions of infrastructure centres is carried out following the results of the competition.


Support of NTI projects

To date, some tools for supporting NTI projects, implemented by their operators, have been formed.

To include the idea in an NTI road map, it is necessary to propose a project.

NTI projects

RVC provides procedures for the selection and implementation of NTI projects, as well as forms a system for managing the life cycle of NTI projects, allowing to take into account and develop all the interrelationships of projects with a reference to the tasks of "road maps".

When selecting new projects to support the priority are platform projects that create an ecosystem around them that stimulates the emergence of new market niches, start-ups and innovative business projects of established companies that form components of global products of the world market, integrated pilot projects corresponding to NTIroad maps.

Venture financing of NTI projects is carried out through the funds with participating of RVC capital. Requests for each fund are formed individually, depending on the sectoral focus of each fund.