Development of communication associations and projects

Development of communication associations and projects

One of the strategic communication instruments of RVC is work with the professional associations including with the use of company platforms and organized events.

Technology entrepreneurship promotion is implemented through organization of discussion boards at the important public events of both federal and regional levels.

Main discussion topics:

— National Technology Initiative;
— development of the mature venture market;
— innovation infrastructure development;
— creation of the favourable environment for technological entrepreneurship in Russia;
— acceleration-related events and educational programs aimed at development of technological entrepreneurship including transfer of scientific capacity to the innovation projects.

Communication infrastructure development

RVC communication projects contributes to development of public opinion about innovation market and technological entrepreneurship, engagement of young people and new investors in entrepreneurship activity.

The tools and capabilities formed at the level of the communication infrastructure should serve as a basis for the implementation of communication initiatives implemented within the framework of NTI roadmaps.

Program initiatives

Global Technology Leadership Forum

The Global Technology Leadership Forum is dedicated to introducing advanced end-to-end technologies in high-tech industries and developing the state’s innovative ecosystem.

Rukami Club Community Integrator

The project aims to create and develop a community of makers in Russia — inventors creating entirely new products using unsophisticated tools and technologies at hand.

The Tech In Media Contest of Innovative Journalism

Tech in Media competition is designed to encourage and stimulate journalists and mass media engaged in exposure of innovation processes in Russia. The contest also helps to attract attention of wide population groups to the issues related to technological development in Russia, enhance prestige of the scientists and promote sample of successful commercialization of the scientific developments.

The Open Innovations Forum 2019

The Open Innovations Forum is the largest in Russia and one of the most significant events in the world, demonstrating the main trends and key achievements in the innovation sectors of the economy.

Forum "NTI ecosystem: strategy of the future"

At the "NTI ECOSYSTEM" venue, all NTI community representatives will gather in order to discuss perspective plans and new initiatives, tasks and steps to implement them, summarize year results, and recognize achievements of the separate community participants and for networking.

Innovation ecosystem forum 2017

The forum is conducted from 2014 and addresses the most important topics related to technological entrepreneurship development, regional innovation infrastructure, venture market and National Technology Initiative.