Social Responsibility

Targets and mission of RVC as a key state instrument for the national innovation system development are definitely of non-profit and socially-focused nature, and the scale of chalenges met by the company makes it particularly responsible for social and economic prosperity of the society.

The company’s strategy is focused not only on the development in Russia of the venture capital industry, but also on projects related to the construction of balanced innovation infrastructure and forming a class of venture capital investors and technology entrepreneurs. By developing this system of services and instruments, the company is focused on the proportional development of all parts of the national ecosystem and on the systemic effect of these implemented projects.

In its activities, the company aims to take into account the principles of social responsibility towards participants of the venture capital market, partners, employees, society and the state, while ensuring the openness, consistency and materiality of its activities. The investment process is carried out in accordance with specific rules and restrictions.