Procurement Activities

When procuring goods, works and services, the company follows the Federal Law FZ-223 on the procurement of goods, works and services by certain types of legal entities, RVC Procurement Regulations, and adheres to the following principles:

— The accessibility of procurement information;
— The transparency of procurement, which enables the possibility of monitoring and control at any stage of the procurement process;
— Using preferential competitive procedures for selecting suppliers (executants, contractors);
— Fairness, and the absence of prejudice, discrimination or unwarranted restrictions on competition, towards the parties of the procurement process, including the prohibition of coordination of the procurement process by the company or the creation of beneficial conditions thereto;
— Cost-effective expenditure of monetary funds for the procurement of goods, work and services, and the implementation of cost-cutting measures;
— The establishment of measurable requirements for participants in the procurement process.


The following competitive procedures are preferable and shall be applied to any procurement by RVC:

— Tenders;
— Auctions;
— Commercial inquiry;
— Competitive negotiations;
— The request for quotation.

RVC realizes its procurements within the framework of the program and project activities in the form of competitive negotiations using the RFP (Request for Proposal) model, a system of program orders that presents the market with a public announcement of the tasks and issues that the сompany seeks to solve, which is followed by the collection of proposals for achieving the desired results.

This approach allows for:

— The application of the unique experience, creative potential and expertise of market participants to develop new and atypical approaches to achieving goals;
— The improvement of the quality of communication with project contractors and enhances their responsibility;
— Establishing transparent mechanisms for managing project volume, quality and cost control, thereby improving the сompany’s overall performance.

The use of the RFP model enables RVC to apply the best business practices employed by major international development institutions, such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Funds, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and others.

Information on the procurement activities of RVC and its subsidiaries can be found at the official website that posts information on procurement by certain types of legal entities at