RVC Affiliate Program

RVC activities are in many aspects based on building long-term and mutually beneficial partnership relations with other participants of the innovation and venture ecosystem.

Specifics and objectives when cooperating with selected partners

Investment Partners

When creating new funds, RVC JSC focuses on creating a financial leverage to attract non-state investments in venture funds. In this regard, the establishment of new funds will be carried out with the involvement of the following investor groups:

  • Russian private investors (including family offices);
  • Russian institutional investors (including non-state pension funds — following lifting of restrictions on their use of assets for venture financing);
  • large corporations;
  • foreign institutional and private investors.

Corporate Partners

The development of the Russian economy is mostly determined by the position and prospects of large publicly-owned companies. Technological renewal of such companies will be carried out through the expansion of a partnership with startup high-tech companies. While considering gathered competencies, RVC JSC develops cooperation with state-owned companies in the following areas:

  • investment: investment in the capital of corporate venture funds, participation in fund management bodies, consulting in fund activities;
  • expert and consulting activities: development and implementation of educational programs for the creation and management of venture funds for the control of large corporations, preparation of expert-analytical and other materials on the formation and development of corporate innovation ecosystems;
  • implementation of partnership programs for the development of a network of corporate accelerators in leading companies;
  • acting as a technology broker, expert and analytical support of the formation of corporate strategies for technological renewal, assistance in finding technology companies for investment by corporate venture funds and direct investments by state-owned companies.

Institutional Investors

Key Russian capital holders - pension funds and insurance companies - operate under regulatory restrictions that prevent them from investing in the venture capital market. An important task for RVC JSC in this regard is active work in partnership with financial market regulators to lift restrictions on the use of pension funds for venture capital investments and create effective ways of investments with minimal risks through RVC JSC as a fund of funds.

Development Institutions

By investing in new funds and implementing measures aimed at overcoming gaps and restrictions in the development of the Russian venture capital market, RVC JSC plans to develop mutually beneficial cooperation with other development institutions:

  • with organizations supporting research activities to combine information on promising research teams and technology companies as well as the use of their competencies in assessing the technological potential of start-ups, including with the:
    — Russian Science Foundation;
    — Foundation for the Promotion of Innovation;
    — Russian Foundation for Basic Research;
    — Skolkovo Foundation;
    — Foundation for the Development of Internet Initiatives;
  • with entities involved in the selection and interested in supporting promising projects at the commercialization stage, including:
    — Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation (ANO) “Agency for Strategic Initiatives to Promote New Projects”;
    — VEB Innovations Foundation;
    — Skolkovo Foundation;
    — Foundation for the Development of Internet Initiatives;
  • with entities supporting business development at the stage after the provision of venture financing to promote the development of the business of portfolio companies of funds with the participation of RVC JSC and ensure successful "exits", including with:
    — Autonomous Institution Industry Development Fund;
    — Russian Private Equity Fund;
    — Vnesheconombank PJSC;
    — Moscow Exchange Group;
  • with entities that provide non-financial support to promising technology teams, start-ups and technology companies to promote their development:
    — Russian Export Centres, JSC;
    — Fund for Infrastructure and Educational Programs;
    — Autonomous Non-Commercial Organisation “Agency for Technological Development”.

Regional government bodies

RVC will keep implementing measures to stimulate innovations in the regions for the development of the regional flow of innovative projects in the following areas of activity:

  • monitoring of the regional innovation environment;
  • supporting the creation and effective use of regional innovation infrastructure;
  • involvement of various Russian regions and promotion of the implementation of the NTI regional agenda on their territory;
  • development of educational programs for the training of specialists in innovation management and technology entrepreneurs;
  • participation in acceleration events in the regions.

Interaction with the regions in the implementation of the National Technology Initiative will be implemented in the following areas:

  • promotion of products and companies that have received support during the implementation of NTI in regional markets, including with regard to governmental management;
  • organization of screening and involvement of regional leading companies in the implementation of NTI.


For leading Russian universities, RVC JSC provides measures to consult university teams in registration and management of rights to intellectual property, business development, external communications, development of proposals for venture investment, participation in the implementation of federal innovative NTI activities. Work with potential objects for venture support of projects will be carried out through RVC acceleration measures.

Advantages of the RVC Partner Status:

  • possibility to obtain financial, informational and expert support for projects and activities of the Partner from RVC;
  • access to information about the investment activities of management companies of venture funds with RVC capital participation;
  • access to the database and involvement in the examination of innovative projects participating in educational and acceleration programs of RVC;
  • obtaining an independent expert appraisal by RVC on investment objects;
  • participation in Russian and international educational programs, seminars, conferences, lectures held by RVC and its partners;
  • access to expert resources of the RVC Partner Network;
  • networking with the participants of the innovation ecosystem - RVC partners;
  • promotion of the Partner’s brand and its projects through information channels and RVC events.

Terms of Partnership

The status of an RVC Partner is assigned to an organization that has a positive track record of relations with RVC, which has entered into a Cooperation Agreement with RVC or has a Certificate of Venture Partner of RVC Seed Fund (FPI).


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